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It can be difficult to get your message heard through all the information white noise these days. The people, companies and organisations that get heard are those who have a persuasive, compelling story to tell — and deliver that story effectively, strategically and creatively. That’s where Fraser Torosay helps. We are professional storytellers — experienced communicators assist you to get your message across with the media, as a public speaker, with investors, in a boardroom with key stakeholders or with your own employees. Effective communication takes expertise, training and experienced counsel. Our consultancy is known for corporate strategies in media relations, public affairs, issues management, media coaching, strategy development, communicating change and stakeholder outreach. We excel in asking the right questions that lead to concise, persuasive messaging of complicated and important issues.


Fraser Torosay clients are a successful group of companies in sectors such as tech, mining, engineering, telecommunications, health care, post-secondary education, government, finance, and construction.




Managing Director, Conway Fraser, has over 25 years experience as a professional communicator. He is a Gemini Award-winning former CBC journalist who has worked as a national reporter and investigative journalist producing stories for programs such as The National, Marketplace, World Report, and The House.


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Richard J. Brennan owns Badger Communications and is a trusted Fraser Torosay associate and partner. He has four decades experience as an award-winning journalist, with much of it covering politics at Queen's Park and on Parliament Hill. Besides his dedication to his craft, Richard was both president of both the Queen's Park and Ottawa press galleries -- the only person to hold both offices. Because of his persistent and dogged style, many know him as "Badger".

Randi Ray


Randi Ray is a thinker, leader, achiever and an extremely valuable associate with Fraser Torosay. A proud Anishinaabe Kwe from Flying Post First Nation, she grew up the daughter of a First Nations Chief, gaining the perspective and wisdom required to not only serve one’s community but, at the same time, make it better. She is an emerging leader in the Indigenous community, a respected professional and an academic who believes in lifelong learning. Randi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and a Master’s degree in Human Kinetics and is near completion of a PhD in Education focusing on sustainable First Nations Leadership development. She works as the community outreach and liaison coordinator for Laurentian University, developing strategies that engage an extensive network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous political leaders, institutions, and community organizations.

Marjorie Malpass


Marjorie Malpass is a professional actor, writer and performance coach — and a Fraser Torosay partner who helps clients master presentation performance skills. With 25 years of experience spanning TV, Radio, Film, Comedy and Live Theatre, Marjorie creatively delivers bold communication, presentation and levity skills. Her clients have included GM, Xerox, IAMGOLD, Kiewit, TD Bank and senior personnel at various levels of government. Combining her knowledge of the corporate world and the entertainment industry, Marjorie recently provided on-camera coaching for all three of the new Dragons on the CBC hit show, Dragon's Den.



A 25 year veteran of the broadcast world, Hugh Burrill is best known for his time at CityTV, Breakfast Television and Sportsnet where he developed a relationship as a master storyteller, animated on-air performer and a pointed interviewer. He career spans widely from being the Senior News Writer to reporting live from the World Series. His understanding of the fast-paced world of the media and what reporters want and need in a hurry — is now an incredible asset as a Senior Media Coach with Fraser Torosay. Hugh’s insights during media training help make our clients some of the best on-air performers.

Kevin Brown


Fraser Torosay is proud to have Kevin on board as a west coast associate. He has almost 25 years experience in public relations — working for the forest industry, the BC Government — and since 2003 as the President of Kevin Brown Communications (KBC). Before working in communications, Kevin worked as a journalist with both the CBC and in private radio. He is regarded as a leader in his field, has been a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) since 1999 and is the recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Award as CPRS Mentor of The Year and has been inducted into the CPRS College of Fellows.

Jean-Paul (JP) Rains


JP is a social media superhero. By day, he is the Director of Digital Strategy at Laurentian University — by night, he is the head of Rains Media and a valued Fraser Torosay associate team member who helps our clients succeed. JP understands how to strategize and implement tactics aimed at increasing our clients’ digital and social media reach and footprint. He has an expert-level grasp on the private sector as well. Armed with an MBA, he formerly led strategy as Vice-President of Strategy for Soshal Group, where his work led to multiple national awards and record setting performances for a number of clients. In his ‘spare time’, JP is the board chair of the Post-Secondary Education Web Conference of Canada.



Don Hill is an Alberta-based broadcast journalist, communicator, teacher and digital entrepreneur. A former national host on Radio One of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Don has decades of high level experience in both traditional and now digital media. Don is a valued Fraser Torosay associate in strategic leadership communications.


"Conway and Hugh conducted media coaching sessions with IDC Canada's team of research analysts in the spring of 2016. The chemistry and dynamic between the two cannot be matched – together they make a great team who have experience in both the print, online and broadcast channels of journalism and did a great job training our team to play to their strengths. Our analysts had nothing but positive feedback following the sessions, and I've seen an increase in not only the responsiveness and willingness of analysts to work with the media, but also an increase in the number of media mentions IDC Canada receives in the news. He and Hugh have been integral to a positive cultural change on the IDC team, arming them with the skills they need to be successful in the press."


Andrea Loziuk

Marketing and Client Liaison Specialist at IDC Canada

"Over the past three years, I have worked with Conway Fraser on a variety of initiatives while serving as the CEO of NORCAT. Conway has demonstrated outstanding skills and passion as an advisor working and mentoring early stage tech companies on marketing, communications, PR, and pitching to investors. In addition, he delivers an outstanding media training workshop and is one of the highest rated speakers in our entrepreneurship education program at NORCAT. I and our clients that he has worked with can’t say enough about Conway, both personally and professionally. On the personal side, I can say that Conway has become a great friend and always willing to engage in a healthy debate on whatever topic he thinks he can win at. On the business side, we will continue to recommend him to companies seeking a creative, passionate, and trusted PR, media, or communications advisor."


Don Duval

Chief Executive Officer - NORCAT

"Conway gets my (coveted) 5 Star Rating. His experience as an award-winning investigative journalist has prepared him well for what he does as a trusted advisor with a variety of companies. But it’s his passion for storytelling and his acute understanding of how the world of media works today that sets him apart. Conway has the insights that you can only get from somebody who sees a story from both sides of the camera. I have sat in on his workshops and they are simply incredible. Every executive or subject matter expert who needs to communicate better would benefit from what he teaches in these sessions. He has a unique way of de-jargoning a topic and making smart people (experts) feel more at ease with his easygoing style and a very sharp sense of humor. At ExpertFile, we selected Conway to offer a media coaching workshop tailored to select corporate and institutional clients in the US and Canada. This partnership has been a major win for us. I couldn’t say better things about Conway.


Peter Evans

CEO, Co-Founder at ExpertFile

"Conway Fraser is the kind of advisor every tech-based company should have on its roster. Conway has the uncanny ability to take the most complicated processes and distill them down into clear, concise and effective messaging that connects with whatever audience you’re trying to reach — potential customers, interested investors and prospective employees. He is a natural storyteller and an analytical, strategic thinker. His background as a journalist is evident in the boardroom when he asks the kind of questions that makes a team work hard to see things they hadn’t seen before — making them better and improving the product. His value lies well beyond strategic communications. He is an advisor who approaches his clients with the kind of passion and vigour that you would expect from someone who actually has ownership in the company. He is highly recommended.”


Scott Brooks

CoFounder at TimeHero

“I've worked with Conway on a number of projects with all of them having very positive outcomes. He's helped me develop professionally in the field of communications and strategic thinking. I would definitely recommend Conway to other clients.”


Kelly Strong

Former Vice President Ontario and UK Operations

Vale - Base Metals

“I have recommended Conway Fraser to many of my clients and friends needing effective communication strategies to deal with sensitive business issues. Conway is a master of communication, he is able to distill subject matter to its essence and then prescribe the best strategy to achieve the desired outcomes. From the words chosen, to the tones used to communicate them, one can easily conceive of the successful alchemy.  Many of my referrals have thanked me for recommending Conway.  Affirmation enough for me to continue.”


Guy Venne FCA

Principal Partner at MNP

“Conway and I worked in close partnership on the award-winning CBC Winnipeg investigative unit. Working with Conway was a pleasure, not only because he is almost always calm but he is a thorough researcher, planner and interviewer. Conway can see any story from every point of view, anticipate problems and was already prepared with back-up plans. He's also one of those journalists who truly is a good listener. Whether though his sense of humour or compassion, Conway always helped make all our interview subjects feel comfortable in front of the microphone and camera.”


Alison Crawford

 Parliamentary Correspondent, CBC National News

“I highly recommend Conway who can serve as an effective, external strategic sounding board for any senior executive in the private or public sector. He is smart, versatile, serves as an excellent “devil’s advocate” to identify the weaknesses of your corporate strategies. If you have to lead a major transformation, I can’t think of a better external resource to help you sharpen your strategy, develop and align key messages for your various audiences.”


Dominic Giroux

President, Laurentian University / Recteur, Université Laurentienne

"I highly recommend Conway as a business partner for any company seeking to strategize and execute media relations. He is excellent at taking complex issues and distilling them to simple terms with clients to ensure that their communication to the intended audience(s) is very effective. Conway is very practical in his approach and provided me and my team invaluable media training to manage very difficult issues in extremely sensitive situations. He is highly capable in formulating communications strategies that reflect the business objectives and values of our company; he is by far the best media and public relations consultant that I have

worked with in my career."


John Pollesel

Senior VP Mining - Finning Canada

"I worked closely with Fraser Torosay in the areas of media training, message preparation, and crisis communications -- areas that are not native to mining professionals and our everyday responsibilities. Conway Fraser was able to help me understand the value in clearly communicating, both externally with the media and internally with employees. His counsel in this area was invaluable and his training helped me prepare for tough questions. He was an invaluable asset in getting our message out. The added value is the fact that Conway isn't like other professional communicators -- he truly understands the mining sector and the challenges it faces in getting its message out in a positive manner."


Jon Treen

Technical Leader, Global Mining at Stantec

"What can I say about Conway that hasn't been said - he is a trusted advisor, a creative problem-solver and someone who you can rely on on either your best or worst day. Conway is a savvy professional who I have hired on multiple occasions and would not hesitate to do so again. No matter the complexity of the job, he and his team always find a way to deliver positive results for your company. Any organization can benefit from his guidance, whether it be related to communications, marketing, media relations, crisis communications, organizational strategy, and/or reputation management. You won't regret making the call."


Chris Mercer

Executive Director, Student Life & Enrolment Management at Laurentian University

“Conway...is sharp, shrewd, skeptical but always compassionate. His ability to put people at ease and encourage them to tell their stories is superb. I still use some of his stories in my ongoing training sessions. If he is teaching you about how media operate, rest assured he can do it as he knows the subject inside out."


Cecil Rosner

Managing Editor, CBC Manitoba at CBC

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