You want proven experience

Fraser Torosay has a proven track record of helping clients change their narrative at a time when reputations are always under attack. Conway Fraser started this strategic communications company in 2009 after telling thousands of stories over a 20-year career as an award-winning investigative journalist. Conway still oversees every client project with keen attention to detail. He knows when your reputation is on the line, you need proven experience on your side. Fraser Torosay has the confidence and client success roster to know what works, what doesn't, and most often what's coming your way before it happens. Whether it's media coaching, issues management or stakeholder engagement, you deserve the best representation in the court of public opinion.

Our Experience

Conway has built a team on two common denominators: experience and results. The Fraser Torosay team brings hundreds of years of combined experience in strategic communications, media coaching, public relations, storytelling, and crisis communications. When it is your name and job on the line, you want to know the people who have your back have the experience to get it right -- because there are usually no second chances. We treat your reputation like it is our own, because when you win - we win. And, we thrive on winning.