Core Services

Crisis Communications


In a crisis situation, speed of response is what saves careers while responding slowly is what ends them. Our experienced team has been on both sides of the microphone in thousands of challenging issues. If you see an issue on the horizon, we can help you prepare for it to ensure success by developing crisis team protocols.

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Earned Media Strategy


Facts tell, but stories sell. And, at our very core, we are a group of talented storytellers experienced in delivering a narrative that attracts media attention and persuades your target audiences. Positive media coverage can help with everything from recruitment to staff morale. 


Executive Communications Counsel


Whether you are an established leader or beginning the transition into a new role or company, communication is the language of leadership. CEO's need an outside lens ensuring they are communicating the right messages in the most effective ways. We are the counsel with the experience to build your currency.

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Media Training


We have media coached thousands of people over the years, giving them tools, techniques and confidence to succeed in front of the cameras and microphones. Our clients find these skills invaluable and applicable when it comes to communicating with staff and stakeholders, and not just media.


Stakeholder Engagement


Whether it is investors, regulators, recruiters, unions, or community partners, what you say and how you say it can go a long way in achieving your corporate goals or hindering them. Our research, lens and strategy ensures our clients are hitting the key points to be persuasive and influential.   

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Speeches, Presentations & Performance


Being on stage is an incredible opportunity for you to shine as a leader. However, without the proper preparation and material to work with, it can damage your brand. We work with you to develop a professional, impactful presentation, and then work through the performance so you can drive it home.